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7 ON 7



West Los Angeles, CA

Practice and complete with youth football players that have been identified as elite and or college prospects. These sessions take the atheles' mindset about the game to the next level. They will learn next level skills such as WR footwork off the line, NFL press and man coverage concepts, NFL and collegiate route running and throwing, offense and defensive concepts. 7 ON 7 teams open athletes to opportunities to be scouted by colleges which often times turn into athletic scholarships. 



Famous Football YouTuber DEESTROYING understands the power of athlete exposure through 7 on 7 tournaments. Millions of viewers see these tournaments and competitions everyday, including colleges coaches and scouts. 

Unlock the full potential of your youth football player with MAXIMINES' Youth Football 7 on 7 Pass "Skelly" program. Our program is designed to provide young athletes with a unique opportunity to practice and compete in tournament(s) and scrimmage(s) with other talented youth football players who have been identified as elite and potential college prospects. By participating in these sessions, your child's mindset about the game will be elevated to the next level. They will gain invaluable skills such as wide receiver footwork off the line, NFL-level press and man coverage techniques, precise NFL and collegiate route running, and advanced route concepts and defensive/offensive reading. These transformative club team sessions are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month throughout 2023 starting in December. We are thrilled to announce a tryout event where athletes will be scouted for an invitation to join our elite group. At MAXIMINES, we're dedicated to helping your young athlete reach their full potential and excel in the world of football. Please reach out for more information and any questions you may have, go Stars!

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