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West Los Angeles, CA


Welcome to the Bel Air Stars Elite Football Club Pre-Season Prep! We are thrilled to offer a non-full contact football program tailored for youth athletes aged 11-16 preparing for tackle football without tacking or hitting. Practice and complete with youth football players that have been identified as elite and or college prospects. These sessions take the athletes' mindset about the game to the next level.  Athletes will be able to work on techniques in 7 ON 7, 1 ON 1, 3 ON 3, and 2 ON 2 simulations called "skelly" which is done through out all colleges and professional teams.


Our club is dedicated to honing skills, fostering teamwork, and instilling the values necessary for success both on and off the field. Our program is designed to provide young athletes with a unique opportunity to practice and compete in tournament(s) and scrimmage(s) down the road and throughout the span of the season with other talented youth football players who have been identified as elite and potential college prospects. By participating in these sessions, your child's mindset about the game will be elevated to the next level. They will gain invaluable skills such as wide receiver footwork off the line, NFL-level press and man coverage techniques, precise NFL and collegiate route running, and advanced route concepts and defensive/offensive reading. These transformative club team sessions are scheduled for the 2nd and last Saturday of every month throughout 2024 starting Saturday April 27, 2024. At MAXIMINES, we're dedicated to helping your young athlete reach their full potential and excel in the world of football.


"Training Tomorrow's Collegiate Athletes Today" - Founder

Welcome to the Bel-Air Stars Pre Season Football Club overview!



We are thrilled to offer a non-full contact football program tailored for youth athletes aged 11-16 preparing for tackle football. We have 16 available spots on the team which will fill up on a first to register basis until April 24th, 2024, after which youth may be subject to tryout or evaluation to join. Our club is dedicated to honing skills, fostering teamwork, and instilling the values necessary for success both on and off the field. The Bel- Air Stars prioritizes the holistic development of our players.  We want all of our athletes to earn starting roster spots on their tackle football teams and give them the best leg up to be identified as a college prospect. 


Our program focus:


Skill Enhancement: Learn essential techniques, strategies, and terminology to excel in football.


Injury Prevention: Train effectively while maintaining optimal health and safety on the field.


Preparation for Tackle Football: Gain a competitive edge with fundamental knowledge and experience before transitioning to tackle football leagues.


 Structured Training: Bi-monthly sessions at Westwood Recreational Park, starting April 27, 7:30 - 9 AM. Dates will be communicated a month in advance.


Playbook Access: Each player receives a playbook designed to enhance their understanding of the game and give them an advantage over their peers.


Challenge Drills: Players will have the opportunity to test their skills in 7 on 7 and 1 on 1 drills, competing against peers of the same age group. This ensures fair and engaging competition while fostering individual growth and confidence.

Practice against Peers: Utilize the skills learned in private training sessions to practice and refine techniques against other youth athletes. This hands-on experience enhances on-field decision-making and adaptability.

Progressive Training Approach: The first 3 sessions will focus on implementing basic terminology, formations, and techniques. As players become more proficient, we will gradually introduce 7 on 7 and 1 on 1 drills, increasing the level of competition and intensity.

Program Timeline:

Season 1  (12 months with no commitment )

Preseason Prep (2024 Spring-Summer): Focus on skill development, playbook familiarization, and building foundational knowledge. Prep for tackle football.


In-Season Training (2024 Summer-Fall): Implement learned skills and strategies in practical scenarios. Emphasis on teamwork and game readiness. Game film review.


Postseason Training (2024 Winter): Fine-tune techniques, analyze performance, and prepare for future competitions.


Spring Elite 7 on 7 + Tournament (2025 Spring- Summer): Showcase acquired skills in competitive environments, enhancing player confidence and exposure.


Season 2  (12 Months with no commitment)

Preseason Prep Training ( 2025 Spring-Summer): Begin the cycle anew, building upon previous experiences and setting sights on continued improvement.

Cost breakdown 


All athletes receive competition gear included in the registration fee. This fee also covers the first month of club sessions. 

Sign Up Before April 24, 2024 

*all players signed up before April 24 are guaranteed a spot on the club team. 

1 Time Registration Fee: $350 per athlete. All Players signed up before that date are guaranteed a spot on the club team. 


Monthly Fee (per athlete): $80 /month, ($70 /month per athlete for siblings)

Sign Up After April 24

*subject to tryout or evaluation to make the team.

1 Time Registration Fee: $475.

Monthly Fee (per athlete): $110 /month ($100 /month per athlete for siblings)


The gear included in registration fee included.

1.) Bel-Air Stars Elite Youth Football Playbook

2.) Mouth Piece

3.) Foam Competition Helmet

4.) Bel-Air Stars Competition Uniform by MAXIMINES (to be worn in practices)

5.) MAXIMINES Travel Competition Bag

Recommended Gear (not included)

  1. Football Gloves

  2. Turf Shoes or Cleats

  3. Foam Shoulder Spider


Our Mission:


Bel-Air Stars Pre Season Football Club is not just about football; it's about character development, mental toughness, responsibility, and teamwork. Our ultimate goal is to equip our players with the skills and attributes necessary to excel in high school football, earn athletic scholarships, and succeed in life beyond the field. Join us on this journey to greatness!

Please reach out for more information and any questions you may have, go Stars!


Regional Coach: Joe Matthews 

[520} 406-5395


Not affiliated with Westwood

Recreational Park or LA County sports

Sign Up

Under 18 must have parental permission.

Registration Payment Page Upon Sign Up



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