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Introducing Coach Joe Matthews, a pro wide receiver hailing from New Mexico State University, Joe brings a unique blend of athletic prowess and academic achievement to the world of sports. Graduating with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a minors in Sociology and Psychology, Joe's commitment to both his education and his passion for football sets him apart. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Joe's roots run deep in the world of athletics as he is also the cousin of the Atlanta Falcons' star running back, Bijan Robinson. Joe's extensive knowledge of the game, coupled with his thirst for knowledge, positions Coach Matthews as a valuable asset in guiding and mentoring the next generation of student athletes on and off the field.

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Education and Profession



New Mexico



Joe Matthews played 4 years of division-1 college football at New Mexico State University. He started 2.5 seasons as a wide receiver averaging over 10 yards per catch. Matthews gained intrest from the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos, and the Detroit Lions.


Arizona Rattlers

Matthews joined the Arizona Rattlers after being invited to trainng camp and earned the awards Cutters Catch of the Game, Under Armour Offensive Player of the Game, and a #2 spot on Sports Center Top 10 Plays.


Free Agent

Currently Matthews is a free agent training in Los Angles. During his time off the field Matthews runs a marketing and digital media company and is the inventor of the CENSE Pod, a water conservation device ( He conducts all football operations and training in the Los Angeles region. 

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