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MAXIMINES Speed Day: Unleash Your Potential


Join us every 2nd and last Tuesday of each month at 5pm - 6pm for MAXIMINES Speed Day, where athletes discover the power of speed and agility training. Our expert coaches will guide you through dynamic drills and exercises designed to enhance your speed, agility, and overall athleticism. Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge on the field, improve your personal best, or just get in shape, MAXIMINES Speed Day is your ticket to unlocking your full potential.


Program Description


MAXIMINES Speed Day is a weekly training session focused on developing speed, agility, and explosive power in athletes of all levels.  Our experienced coach leads participants and athletes through a variety mid to high-intensity drills and exercises tailored to improve acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, and overall athleticism and stamina strength and physique.


Running Days:
Every 2nd and Last Tuesday of each month  5pm - 6pm

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month  5pm - 6pm 

Athletes can expect personalized attention and feedback to maximize their performance and achieve their goals. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting your athletic journey, MAXIMINES Speed Day offers a supportive and motivating environment to push your limits and reach new heights.


- $30 per session

- $20 per session if you participate in one or more MAXIMINES PRIVATE Sessions a week at

Location: Westwood Recreational Park

Bel-Air Stars Athletes Run free.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game and become the fastest version of yourself. Join us for MAXIMINES Speed Day and experience the difference firsthand!



Speed training is essential for athletes of all levels for several reasons. Firstly, improved speed can directly translate to enhanced performance in various sports, allowing athletes to outpace opponents, make quick breaks, and cover more ground efficiently. Additionally, speed training helps to develop explosive power, agility, and coordination, which are crucial for executing rapid changes in direction and maintaining balance during high-intensity activities. Furthermore, incorporating speed training into a regular workout regimen can contribute to overall physical fitness by increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Ultimately, by prioritizing speed training, athletes can elevate their athletic capabilities, enhance their competitive edge, and maximize their potential for success on the field or court.

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