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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Whether you are working, working out, or doing mundane daily tasks , workin out has evolved and now you can reduce pain, walk faster longer, build good posture, gain balance, strength, mobility, flexibility, and reduce pain after or before surgeries and injuries.

Find the MAXIMINES Power Band that works for you. Chose between different MAXIMINES Power Band strengths that will allow you to wear it all day, or switch to a stronger band for a shorter more intensified activity. Whatever you decide, your MAXIMINES Power Band is there for you.

“I don't go to work witout my MAXIMINES Power Band. Its like having an extra set of legs and hip muscles that make standing all day profitable to my body rather than earing it down. My posture should be terrible but my MAXIMINES Power Band has helped me improve my posutre by strengthening my stabilizer muscles. Thanks MAXIMINES

Workouts With Your MAXIMINES Power Band

“I wasn't engaging all of the muscles I should have been using when working out. When I put my MAXIMINES Power Band on, I feel my sleepy muscles and tendons turn on and feel the strength and stability exuding from those forgotten muscle groups. It makes working out feel more regenerative than degenerative. I use it the entire work out”

Walking, running, working, cleaning, whatever you're doing, make the most out of it. Whether your lifestyle is cozy and simple, or rigorous and intense get help, helping yourself.


Now RUNNING errands can be done walking!

Walking is one thing we do most. Whether exercising or working you can get the most out of every step. Significantly reduce hip, back, and knee pain while gaining strength, mobility, flexibility and speed doing what you do everyday.


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