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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Wearing your MAXIMINES Power Band is like putting on an extra set of muscles.

When you put on your MAXIMINES Power Band, you turn on muscles and tendons that fall into our subconscious. It can be difficult for the mind to focus on the many different muscles we should use when performing a variety of movements. So let your MAXIMINES Power Band do that for you.

Over time I have become less active and muscle groups that I used to use became flaccid causing pain sirens, stiffness and discomfort. After two weeks wearing my MAXIMINES Power Band to work, my muscles and tendons in my lower body have been reignited and the knee pain and fatigue after my surgery has be resolved. I love my MAXIMINES Power Band.”


Feel like Iron made at Stark industries when you put your MAXIMINES Power Band on. Even when the body fatigues, the power of MAXIMINES Power Band keeps you moving. Your forward movements are boosted by your leading step increasing rear step speed and stability keeping you going and going.


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